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#R. David Russell
Position: Chairman, President & CEO

Mr. Russell has over three decades of executive experience in the mineral exploration and development industry. From 2002 to June 2010 Mr. Russell was President, CEO and a director of the former Apollo Gold Corporation, (now First Majestic SIlver). Mr. Russell's previous positions included Vice-President and CEO of Getchell Gold Company/Placer Dome Gold, General Manager, US Operations, LAC Minerals Ltd. (now Barrick Gold Corporation), Manager, Underground Mining, Independence Mining Company, Project Manager, Hecla Mining Company, Manager, Lincoln Project FMC/Meridian Gold. Mr. Russell graduated from the Montana School of Mineral Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mining Engineering.

#Steve Vaughan
Position: Director

Mr. Vaughan, B.Sc., B.C.L, M.Sc. has participated in natural resource transactions in more than 65 countries over his career. Mr. Vaughan has served on various committees advising the Canadian government, the Ontario Securities Commission and the Toronto Stock Exchange on issues such as mineral policy, mineral strategy, mining finance, mining taxation, seed capital formation, junior resource policies, over-the-counter trading and nuclear issues. For 40 years Mr. Vaughan was the legal advisor to, and a director and member of, the Securities and Audit Committees of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada. He also was a former director of the Toronto Branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum and a past member of the Joint Toronto Stock Exchange Ontario Securities Commission Mining Standards Task Force. Mr. Vaughan was counsel at the law firm Heenan Blaikie LLP from 2007 to February 2014 and a partner at the law firm Dorsey Whitney LLP from February 2014 until December 2016. He is currently a sole practitioner mining lawyer with an international practice.

#Thomas S. Kofman
Position: Director

Mr. Kofman, CPA, CA has over 25 years of experience in North American capital markets as both issuer and banker. He was a founder and chairman of M Partners Inc., an independent full-service investment bank until April 2018. Mr. Kofman has served as Senior Vice President and CFO of IPC Financial Network Inc., Vice President of Finance and CFO of RealFund and Vice President and CFO of Freed Developments. Mr. Kofman is a Chartered Professional Accountant and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University.

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